Introduction to Animal Ailments - The miming party game!

I feel it’s a bit late in the day for me to be starting this blog, but better late than never! I first got started in designing games more than a year and a half ago - since then I have officially launched the game at the UK Games Expo in June 2017. I’ve got plenty of interesting things to share with you guys from my wild and wonderful journey so far. I think this blog could be useful or interesting to: Anyone looking to design a game Anyone who wants to print their own games at home Anyone who wants hear about some effective ways to organise game testing Anyone who wants to run a stall or stand at an expo, market etc Anyone who is interested in a unique game development story! I’ve also got a lot upcoming in the pipeline to look forward to, including exhibiting the game at Essen Fair later this year, and launching a kickstarter project. So without further ado, I may aswell get stuck in and try and fill in some of the back story as briefly and concisely as I can manage Introduction to my game Animal Ailments: The Miming Party Game My game is called Animal Ailments. It’s a miming party game with fairly simple rules. I know I might get slated on here for presenting what may be seen by some as rudimentary game. It may well be that - it doesn’t have much in the way of strategy. It doesn’t have complicated rules, there is no particularly fancy artwork. It’s designed for casual gamers, for people who don’t normally play games 0 and especially for people who like a bit of a party! It’s just supposed to be a good laugh and in my view that’s all it needs to be. It actually came about as a game I can actually play with my own group of friends, most of which either don’t play games at all (or just play video games). Although it is in essence a charades game, it does have a pretty unique theme though. Despite its silly simplicity it does undeniably grab the attention of a wide range of groups, from kids to adults, from students to geeks. I wouldn’t have taken the game anywhere near this far if it wasn’t proving to be a big hit in all the situations I’ve been testing it out, from game test meetups, mobile testing sessions around my hometown Bristol, the recent UK Games Expo, etc. (more on all that later)! The ludicrous combinations that emerge rarely fail to bring smiles and laughs all round – and I always thought, as people seem to love it, why not keep developing it? Gameplay (standard rule set) Players take turns to win cards by miming and guessing. Use the score in the top left of the card to keep track of your score (no pen and paper required) First to 15 points wins. When it's your turn, you take a green 'animal' card and a red 'ailment' card. Start the timer (1 min) First you need to mime the animal. You can use any body movements or hand gestures you can think of No speaking! No animal noises! Once someone in the group has guessed the animal you are trying to mime, move onto mime the ailment. The guessers in the group now need to guess the animal and ailment COMBO! Shout out the COMBO to win the red card… e.g. “a tiger that’s scared of mice!” “a kleptomaniac clownfish!” "a sleepwalking kangaroo!" “a hungover hynea!.” It's these amusing combo’s that come up that always make for such a good laugh! The mimer keeps the green card (usually worth more). There are bonus and steal mimes available, letting you win an extra red card from the box, or steal a card from another player, if you still have time left on the timer. There is also a "Barnslig Bonus" wildcard that infers four special actions to its owner. The Barnslig Bonus can be played at any time. First released at UK Games Expo 2017. After your time is up, distribute cards to those that won them and play moves clockwise around the group. So there's as quick a rundown of the game as I could muster. Can you think of anyone you know who might like this?! Watch this space for more news and developments!