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More game modes

Party game modes

Competition modes

Noisy neighbours
The mimer can make noises!

Play is as per the normal rules. The mimer can make animal noises and sound effects - but no actual words or speaking!


Mooing, meowing and squaking all perfectly acceptable. Moaning, groaning and wailing totally okay.


However, if the mimer utters a single actual word, that's fowl play!

Dysfunctional Herd
Casual, chilled out game

Play is as per the normal rules however no timer required is so take you can take your time to mime.


Good for inexperienced mimers, chaotic parties, late night low attentions spans, or if you can't find the timer!

Wild Card Mode
One player whispers an animal of their choice to the mimer. Another player whispers an ailment. 

All players now have 10 guesses to figure out the animal ailment combo!

(The players that whispered cannot guess the animal/ailment they originally suggested, obviously)

                                 - Submitted by Aiken & Bailey

Frantic flock
Two teams, race against the clock simultaneously!


Players split into two teams


One player from each team is the mimer.

Both teams start miming at the same time.


The team aim is to guess as many animal and ailment combo's as possible in 2 minutes!


The team who guesses the most combo's in 2 minutes wins the round!

Battling bipeds
Team play mode

Players split into two or more teams.  

Decide which team will go first.


One player from the first team takes a red card and green card. This player is the mimer.

The mimers team-mates must try to guess the combo, bonus and steal points within one minute, as per the normal rules


Play moves onto the next team.


First team to 15 points wins!